Saturday, July 2, 2011

checkpointing transactions in journal (jbd)

Journal checkpointing : jbd/checkpoint.c
The main functions involved in doing journal checkpointing are :-
a) log_do_checkpoint
b) __process_buffer
c) __flush_batch
d) __wait_cp_io

log_do_checkpoint picks up the first transaction on the checkpoint list and then iterates over all the buffers present in the transaction by calling __process_buffer on each of them. As it traverses, it keeps accumulating them in a local array for batching of disk writes. As part of processing it also moves the buffer from checkpoint_list to checkpoint_io_list to indicate that io is pending on these buffers.
Once the array is full or we have no more buffers to process __flush_batch is called to send those buffers to disk for writing.

After the buffers are submitted to disk, __wait_cp_io() is called to wait on each of the buffers for write to complete. After they get cleaned they are removed from the checkpoint_io_list. After all the buffers are freed, transaction itself is freed.

* Helper functions to clear all the clean buffers from the checkpoint list.
__journal_clean_checkpoint_list : Traverses the transactions in checkpoint transactions list (j_checkpoint_transactions) and frees memory by walking each list (j_checkpoint_list) at a time.

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